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Back to T4

We generate our web api. This saves time and makes access uniform. But there are some rules we have to obey to get this working. With Entity Framework Model First (edmx) we generate our data layer. By customising the template we … Continue reading

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Pages/Sec in VS2013 loadtest

We’ve build a REST service with ASP.NET MVC Web API in Visual Studio 2013. With a Load test we plan to test the performance of the service when deployed to a web server with the data on a sql server. After … Continue reading

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Performance tuning EF, ASP.NET and loadtest

We are developing webservices for accessing data in SQL Server. The performance requirement was not met until we started to tune our solution. TLDR: use table in stead of view EF First we added the AsNoTracking() extension from EntityFramework to … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: ASP.NET Web API documenten using Swagger MVVM: Rename TreeView nodes Trello integrates with Hangouts and Appear.in Image courtesy of kanate / FreeDigitalPhotos.net What are your best reads this week? Leave them in the comments below.

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MEF configuration and parallel transactions

While testing my ASP.NET Web API solution single requests are fine, but multiple requests give HTTP500 after a long wait. A MEF configuration setting caused parallel transactions and the database provider was unable to handle them. Setup ASP.NET Web API … Continue reading

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