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Loadtesting with Powershell

Our product is in the acceptance testing phase. In the assigned environment the available tooling is very limited. But we must do a loadtest to report on the average requests / second our webservice can handle from a single client. … Continue reading

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Pages/Sec in VS2013 loadtest

We’ve build a REST service with ASP.NET MVC Web API in Visual Studio 2013. With a¬†Load test we plan to test the performance of the service when deployed to a web server with the data on a sql server. After … Continue reading

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Multiple service calls as data for AngularJs

We need a composition layer for the GUI. It should combine the data from multiple services into one interactive web page. AngularJs comes to mind. My next step in AngularJs (first step here) is to get data from multiple REST … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Autorest on Azure Friday. Using swagger to generate proxy code to REST API, like you would use WSDL for a webservice ARM and PowerShell DSC working together to create and provision a VM I’m running … Continue reading

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Week 45 roundup

Last week recap and links: I’ll be speaking at the Software Development Conference. Will post in more detail after the event. Found 30 days of TDD serie on telerik’s blog. Good read about Test Driven Development with telerik tools. HATEOAS, … Continue reading

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