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Loadtesting with Powershell

Our product is in the acceptance testing phase. In the assigned environment the available tooling is very limited. But we must do a loadtest to report on the average requests / second our webservice can handle from a single client. … Continue reading

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Pages/Sec in VS2013 loadtest

We’ve build a REST service with ASP.NET MVC Web API in Visual Studio 2013. With a¬†Load test we plan to test the performance of the service when deployed to a web server with the data on a sql server. After … Continue reading

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Performance tuning EF, ASP.NET and loadtest

We are developing webservices for accessing data in SQL Server. The performance requirement was not met until we started to tune our solution. TLDR: use table in stead of view EF First we added the AsNoTracking() extension from EntityFramework to … Continue reading

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Loadtest with Azure VM

For an upcoming release we decided to do a loadtest on our Azure test environment. Until now we used a set of local machines for this. The setup uses 6 machines that host our product, which consists of a number … Continue reading

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Week 34 roundup

Last week recap and links: Load Testing with Visual Studio Online is a good starting point for Cloud Load Testing Nice video about polymorph in the battle against if statements: “The Clean Code Talks” on youtube Finished the Getting Started … Continue reading

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