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Linq to entities and CAST

We use an EDMX to access our database with Entity Framework. Before you comment: we have our reasons not to use code-first. Today we encountered a small problem with linq to entities and validating a varchar field that contains an integer … Continue reading

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Effort: Unhandled exception while trying to initialize the content of Table

We use Effort with the CsvDataLoader in our integration tests. After adding a new data file we got an exception. On the forum every thread ended with something like “my bad” or “never mind”. Looking closer to my csv file showed the error: a typo … Continue reading

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Entity Framework Fake ObjectContext Realization Tool

With Effort (Entity Framework Fake ObjectContext Realization Tool) I can create integration tests for the datalayer in my project. The tool has an Entity Framework provider that works on an in-memory database. This means I can call SaveChanges without mocking it or having a dependency on a … Continue reading

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Performance tuning EF, ASP.NET and loadtest

We are developing webservices for accessing data in SQL Server. The performance requirement was not met until we started to tune our solution. TLDR: use table in stead of view EF First we added the AsNoTracking() extension from EntityFramework to … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Automate everything with Azure Logic Apps, like IFTTT on steroids Speed comparison: dapper vs entity framework 10 everyday habits successful people give up to increase their productivity Image courtesy of kanate / FreeDigitalPhotos.net What are … Continue reading

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Integration Test with Entity Framework Codefirst

Our database is developed using Entity Framework Codefirst. Everything in code. Enabled migrations to update existing environments as we roll out. The code passed all the unittests, but it didn’t feel right. Time for an integration test. This brought me … Continue reading

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Techdays 2012 – day 1

Keynote Metro the vision of clear applications, like signs in the metro. You just know what they mean. Your application must do the same. That is why you’ll need to redesign it for every platform (desktop, mobile, web, tablet, …) … Continue reading

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