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Webapi core 2.1 and jQuery (CORS)

I’ve written before about Cordova, AngularJs, WebApi and CORS. (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) Now we have te same hurdle to take with our dotnet core 2.1 webapi. Since the webapi is on a webserver and accessible to third parties we decided … Continue reading

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EF core: entity cannot be tracked

We use EF core to store a bulk of data with an auto-number primary key. The auto-number is an Identity column in Sql Server. When inserting a large amount of records with related children we encounter this error: System.InvalidOperationException entity … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Code naming convention

I’ve been using the Visual Studio 2017 naming convention to generate code the way I like. Now I want to apply this behaviour to Visual Studio Code on my MacBook. Private fields should start with underscore: First install EditorConfig from … Continue reading

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EF codefirst migrations and Cloud Foundry

We’re using the hosted Cloud Foundry solution for development at http://run.pivotal.io. So everybody can hit the floor running I’ve created a template for using Entity Framework Codefirst migrations in a dotnet core web application hosted on Cloud Foundry. The key … Continue reading

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Cloud Foundry Task with dotnet app

We’re investigating the CF run-task command from the cli. This is used to execute tasks that run to completion, like database migrations or print something to the console 😉 Hello console We’ve created a new console project. The main function … Continue reading

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