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Webapi core 2.1 and jQuery (CORS)

I’ve written before about Cordova, AngularJs, WebApi and CORS. (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) Now we have te same hurdle to take with our dotnet core 2.1 webapi. Since the webapi is on a webserver and accessible to third parties we decided … Continue reading

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Manage windows service with asp.net core webapi

We’re building a webapi for our administrators. One of the features is stopping and starting a windows service on the webserver the webapi is hosted on. We needed to allow our application pool user to manage the windows service. For … Continue reading

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Cordova, AngularJs, WebApi and CORS

We have a simple website with some data stored in Azure Table Storage. From a Cordova app we request the data from the webapi we have added to the website. This works great when running on the device, but not … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Creating Help Pages for ASP.NET Web API, this is awesome, using MVC for documenting itself Using Stubs and Shims to Test with Microsoft Fakes, just before the conclusion he shows the fakes.xml syntax, didn’t knew … Continue reading

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