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Syncfusion grid datetime format fixed

We use the data grid from Syncfusion and it is awesome! It serialises the data on the server and puts it in the page as json. Now more postbacks to get extra data or for sorting / filtering / other … Continue reading

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Back to T4

We generate our web api. This saves time and makes access uniform. But there are some rules we have to obey to get this working. With Entity Framework Model First (edmx) we generate our data layer. By customising the template we … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Creating Help Pages for ASP.NET Web API, this is awesome, using MVC for documenting itself Using Stubs and Shims to Test with Microsoft Fakes, just before the conclusion he shows the fakes.xml syntax, didn’t knew … Continue reading

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ASP.NET MVC WebApi and Xml serialization

In our project we use XSD to describe messages over project boundaries. This way we can all develop in our own speed. The XSD describes XML with attributes and elements. ASP.NET MVC WebApi supports this, but not out-of-the-box. Default the … Continue reading

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Open your application to Powershell

The SDN – Software Development Network – is a special interest group for dutch developers. Four times a year they organise an event where people present and talk about their passion. As a member of the SDN you are aware … Continue reading

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Deploy to Azure button

The Deploy to Azure button takes the sting out of deployment. Just click the button and the wizard will guide you through the process. How to set this up? I’ve got my ASPNET MVC4 project in github. Every builds local. … Continue reading

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Nuget trouble

Keeping the versions of packages in sync was difficult today. My MVC website must load and display a controller / view from another project. The assembly is in the bin folder and the objects are loaded using Structuremap. When running … Continue reading

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