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ASP.NET MVC WebApi and Xml serialization

In our project we use XSD to describe messages over project boundaries. This way we can all develop in our own speed. The XSD describes XML with attributes and elements. ASP.NET MVC WebApi supports this, but not out-of-the-box. Default the … Continue reading

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Use VPN from host in hyper-v VM

To access Team Foundation Server (TFS) we use a VPN. For a testing scenario I wanted a hyper-v VM to connect to TFS, here’s how I set this up without configuring a VPN inside the VM. First make sure the … Continue reading

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OData second look

This is a follow up on my OData first look post. Since then I’ve moved the service to IIS for better fiddler support. The sample code builds on the previous post and shows how to load related data in one … Continue reading

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First look at OData

I’ve heard about OData back in 2012 but never used it. Now I might have a use case for OData and want to explore it. Below are the parts of my sample WCF DataService project. Every part has the exceptions … Continue reading

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Reduce wait time with tasks

In our project we group multiple machines and request information from each one. Sometimes this takes very long. All machines are contacted in sequence. When one machine is offline the request will timeout in 10 seconds (default WCF behavior) This … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Load Test with fiddler

In Visual Studio you add a new Web Performance Test and Internet Explorer opens with the plugin to record the traffic. But what if you want to use another client that not lives in the browser like a Desktop App? … Continue reading

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Compat inspector fiddler rule

Origional post here. My version of the fiddler CustomRules.js file below.

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