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Setup Boot Camp with hyper-V support

For development I’m using Windows in a Parallels VM on my MacBook Pro. To use docker on Windows I need to enable Hyper-V. Parallels has an option called “nested virtualisation” where the guest OS can do virtualisation. For this you’ll … Continue reading

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Android x86 in Hyper-V

This is not a post how to install android x86 in hyper-v, you can find that here: INSTALLING ANDROID-X86 ON HYPER-V WITH WINDOWS 8.1 IN UNDER 5 MINUTES After install you should enable developer mode and allow unknown sources, you … Continue reading

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Use VPN from host in hyper-v VM

To access Team Foundation Server (TFS) we use a VPN. For a testing scenario I wanted a hyper-v VM to connect to TFS, here’s how I set this up without configuring a VPN inside the VM. First make sure the … Continue reading

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Firewall rule to allow only a certain ip address

For a bug reproduction I created two hyper-v machines. Communication between the machine should be blocked, but communication with my main machine should be allowed. This can be done in the Windows Firewall. First I queried for the ip address … Continue reading

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Remote powershell or how I manage my local Hyper-V machines

For testing I’ve created some Hyper-V machines on my Windows 8.1 laptop. The burden of deploying software to these virtual machine has been resolved by powershell scripts on the virtual machines. The script is just a simple stop-service, copy new … Continue reading

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