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We generate our web api. This saves time and makes access uniform. But there are some rules we have to obey to get this working. With Entity Framework Model First (edmx) we generate our data layer. By customising the template we … Continue reading

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Automation and Extensibility issue

Today I wrote a wrapper to be in control when unit testing some code that uses System.Random. After completing the task, which is mindless automation, I decided to create a T4 template for it. After completing the few lines in … Continue reading

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Code generation

We developers have T4 in Visual Studio. I’ve been playing with this for a while now and use it more often to speed up repetitive tasks. The Business Intelligence team has BIML in Visual Studio. A colleague asked me to … Continue reading

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Code generation from Visual Studio UML class diagram

In the Ultimate edition of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft has put the Architecture feature. With this I can create Graphs, Layer and UML diagrams. The feature is readonly in the Premium edition, but I’m not sure it can generate code … Continue reading

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Microsoft Developer Days 2011 in The Hague – day 1

KeynoteThe days started with Arie talking us through the keynote.Scott talked about old programming languages, followed by the MVC and the concept of (Lego) blocks. How everything should be pluggable and fit together. Wade spoke of the Windows Azure Appfabric … Continue reading

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