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Performance optimization with VS2012 profiler

Many systems are not optimized or sub-optimized by tweaking the wrong features. This post describes the use of the Visual Studio 2012 profiler to get insight in what to optimize and monitor the result of these optimizations. For this post … Continue reading

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Custom AutomationPeer classes

When you use custom controls in your silverlight application, you should implement custom AutomationPeer classes. These AutomationPeer classes will be used in your unittests. Below some different flavours I use in my project. Inherited, when you inherit from a control … Continue reading

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Silverlight unittest / automation

Reading up on silverlight unittesting from Justin Angel’s post. I ran into some startup problems like not iheriting from SilverlightTest in my test class (took me two hours ;)) and adding the right assemblies to our project. But the biggest … Continue reading

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Password confirm in WPF

In WPF the PasswordBox control doesn’t expose any property to bind it. You’ll need solutions as described here to get the password the ‘WPF way’. Getting it to validate is a different story. Whenever a user is created you want … Continue reading

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Microsoft Developer Days 2011 in The Hague – day 2

Declarative refactoring C#Chris showed the ?? operator that is the ? operator that tests if a nullable type is null and provides a default. He also showed the Tuple.Create and the dynamic type to remove out parameters, Yield return can … Continue reading

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