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xUnit in Visual Studio

My current project requires xunit for unit testing. I’m used to mstest as it is build into visual studio, but xunit integration is transparent with the extension installed. Setup To get xUnit working with the Test explorer install the xUnit.net … Continue reading

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I’ve been using the GhostDoc extension from SubMain for some time. It puts those triple slash (///) documentation tags above my csharp code for me. All I have to do is hit some shortcut keys. Although I never posted about … Continue reading

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Performance optimization with VS2012 profiler

Many systems are not optimized or sub-optimized by tweaking the wrong features. This post describes the use of the Visual Studio 2012 profiler to get insight in what to optimize and monitor the result of these optimizations. For this post … Continue reading

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NDepend – first look

Earlier this year Patrick Smacchia from NDepend contacted me on linked-in. He would offer me a professional license to blog about his product. Now I finally have the time to keep my end of the bargain. Since the features are … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2012 upgrade from 2010

First some tips from Scott Hanselman to get the look-and-feel back. Next to replace the pre- and postbuild macro with an add-in. The template takes care of the plumbing and running/debugging will make it available for use. Make sure to … Continue reading

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