Silverlight unittest / automation

Reading up on silverlight unittesting from Justin Angel’s post. I ran into some startup problems like not iheriting from SilverlightTest in my test class (took me two hours ;)) and adding the right assemblies to our project. But the biggest challenge was figuring out how each control could be addressed.

  • TextBox, text input with Value pattern
  • // create an automationpeer for the control
    var textBoxPeer = new TextBoxAutomationPeer(ctrl);
    // create a valueprovider to fill the control
    var textBoxProvider = (IValueProvider)textBoxPeer.GetPattern(PatternInterface.Value);
    // fill some text
  • ComboBox, find child with value to select and use SelectionItem pattern
  • // create an automationpeer for the control
    var comboBoxPeer = new ComboBoxAutomationPeer(ctrl);
    // find the child with the value to set
    var comboBoxSelectionItem = (ISelectionItemProvider)comboBoxPeer.GetChildren()
                    .Where(x => x.GetName().Equals(valueToSelect))
                    .First()  // will fail if valueToSelect is not found
    // select the value
  • RadioButton, select with the SelectionItem pattern. This raises the (Un)Checked event, not the Click event.
  • // create automationpeer for the control
    var radioButtonPeer = new RadioButtonAutomationPeer(ctrl);
    // create a selectionitemprovider to set the selection
    var radioButtonProvider = (ISelectionItemProvider)radioButtonPeer.GetPattern(PatternInterface.SelectionItem);
    // select the value
    // this will NOT raise the Click event, but the CHECKED event
  • Button, click it with Invoke pattern
  • // create an automationpeer for the button
    var buttonPeer = new ButtonAutomationPeer(ctrl);
    // create am invokeprovider to click the control
    var buttonInvoker = (IInvokeProvider)buttonPeer.GetPattern(PatternInterface.Invoke);
    // check button is available
    Assert.IsTrue(buttonPeer.IsEnabled(), "Button was not enabled");
    // click the button

My next post is about custom AutomationPeer classes.

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