Microsoft Developer Days 2011 in The Hague – day 2

DayDays 2011 I'm attending
Declarative refactoring C#
Chris showed the ?? operator that is the ? operator that tests if a nullable type is null and provides a default. He also showed the Tuple.Create and the dynamic type to remove out parameters, Yield return can be used when returning IEnumerable and how extension methods come in handy. To get readable code create extension methods that describe what is happening and move the (complex) implementation in there.
Windows Azure AppFabric ServiceBus
Clemens starts by describing how the servicebus can create a connection like a VPN, but not trusting the entire network behind it like a VPN. He then talked about some business implementations with the servicebus (easyjet, charging your car, mobile devices) where the endpoint is very dynamic. The servicebus is positioned as the Naming fabric, because the name of the servicebus is known. Then Clemens starts up Wireshark and begins showing TCP and HTTP trafic and how that is managed by settings on the servicebus connection. Samples include the Hybrid connection where a direct connection between endpoint is negotiated for cost-efficient communication. He then talked about Tunneling, Queues and Topics. Where tunneling makes remote ports available local, Queues will allow readers to keep a connection open for 60 seconds that decreases the amount of reads in polling and Topics that offers a tap for audit trails.
Automating Quality Assurance
Neno demoed how a project evolves into a project with (datadriven) unittests, automated build, continues integration, architecture validation and gated checking. He showed the build notification tool, how naming convention (projectname.test) tells the buildserver to run tests in a project and that /p:validatearchitecture=true is the checkbox for architecture validation on the buildserver. His advise was to buy a premium version of Visual Studio for the buildserver and professional for the developers. That way the buildserver could do codemetrix, codecoverage, architecture validation for the developers.
Agile project managementNeno explaned the scrum proces and showed the urbanturtle too in team web access. Nice talk but more about scrum than about Microsoft stuff.
Build accessibility
Jeroen’s talk was in dutch about how websites should be accessible to all kind of users. Nice note was that searchmachines like google and bing are like blind users, they are not interested in images or css, just the information. After a short speach of Niels (has spasms) some tips were given:

  • User friendly (feedback, contrast, overview)
  • Quality (use html elements as intended, logic order, css)
  • Findable
  • Crossbrowser, multi-device compatibility
  • Reach of target audience
  • Speed, durable and flexible

Some links Site with bookmarklet to remove images and css (, Validator of w3c (, Dutch microsoft site about accessibility ( By the way my site isn’t very accessible, sorry about that.

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