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Migrate WCF to be hosted in Azure

One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my (work) experience and give back to the internet. On my last project I migrated WCF services to be hosted in Windows Azure. With the right structure in place this was shockingly easy. Continue reading

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Test async webservice call with a Task

We have a number of services in our project. Our clients include WPF, iOS, Android and Web. To have the best interoperability we communicate over http and expose WSDL for proxy generation. This means we cannot change the contracts or … Continue reading

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Code generation from Visual Studio UML class diagram

In the Ultimate edition of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft has put the Architecture feature. With this I can create Graphs, Layer and UML diagrams. The feature is readonly in the Premium edition, but I’m not sure it can generate code … Continue reading

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