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Error 14274: Cannot add, update, or delete a job (or its steps or schedules) that originated from an MSX server

We use SSIS packages to import files. These SSIS packages are run with sqljobs. During deployment the sqljobs are created with a script. That is the plan. While running the script to create the sqljobs we got an error: Error … Continue reading

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We have some SqlJobs that we run in our regression tests. To automate this we need something that can start the job and wait for it to finish. Based on this post we know we need to poll the sysjobhistory … Continue reading

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Performance tuning EF, ASP.NET and loadtest

We are developing webservices for accessing data in SQL Server. The performance requirement was not met until we started to tune our solution. TLDR: use table in stead of view EF First we added the AsNoTracking() extension from EntityFramework to … Continue reading

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XML data type for storing messages

We want to store xml message in a database for batch processing, logging and retention. For some time now Sql Server offers the xml data type for columns. This way we could index the xml, validate it with an xsd … Continue reading

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Allow incompatible platform in schema comparison

Schema comparison of SQL Express 2012 database and SQL Server 2008 gives an error A project which specifies SQL Server 2012 as the target platform cannot be published to SQL Server 2008. Set the allow incompatible platform in the options … Continue reading

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Chocolatey on Azure provision

A recent update on the Windows Azure platform enables you to run a custom powershell script when creating a new Virtual Machine. It can be configured on the last step of the Wizard. This is where chocolatey can do it’s … Continue reading

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SpiraTeam database hack for user access

My test colleague uses SpiraTeam and needed some help restoring a backup. After restoring we granted access to the database from IIS (network service). But now he tells me nobody knows the Administrator password. What to do? Solution The SQL … Continue reading

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