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Chocolatey on Azure provision

A recent update on the Windows Azure platform enables you to run a custom powershell script when creating a new Virtual Machine. It can be configured on the last step of the Wizard. This is where chocolatey can do it’s … Continue reading

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Connect Virtual Machines in Windows Azure

Our project relies on MSDTC. To use this in Windows Azure the machines must be able to find each other. Here are the two solutions Microsoft offers. Move VM to virtual network In this post Karl writes how to move … Continue reading

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Change remote desktop public port in Windows Azure

When you cannot connect to your Windows Azure Virtual Machine with remote desktop, maybe you’re being blocked. Most companies don’t allow communication over all ports. This limitation can be overcome by changing the public port Windows Azure uses for Remote … Continue reading

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Hyper-V legacy hardware

Twice a year my wife boots her legacy laptop and spends days on creating a photo book. I maxed the memory to 2Gb. But nothing more to update since no (cheap) SSD for IDE or processor upgrades available. This is … Continue reading

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Azure as test environment

My current project involves the mono framework. It is crossplatform and runs on windows, linux and macos. The lack of diskspace (and time) for setting up a linux machine and the lack of money to buy a new macbook pro … Continue reading

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