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Week roundup

Video edition: How to use Windows 8 with just the Keyboard Hotkeys – No mouse! [ video] by Scott Lego printer [ video] by Brickworks Instaport offers export, download and backup of your instagram photos Image courtesy of kanate / … Continue reading

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Microsoft Azure RemoteApp preview

The day after my Microsoft RemoteApp preview post my subscription was activated for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. Things look a lot better now. In the windows azure portal I now have access to the remoteapp tab, which is still in preview. … Continue reading

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Microsoft RemoteApp preview

The any app on any device solution from Microsoft is in preview. Meet Microsoft RemoteApp the latest service on the Windows Azure platform. I’ve installed the Windows and iPad client and must say I’m not impressed. The positive Setup is … Continue reading

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Azure as test environment

My current project involves the mono framework. It is crossplatform and runs on windows, linux and macos. The lack of diskspace (and time) for setting up a linux machine and the lack of money to buy a new macbook pro … Continue reading

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From the list of tools Scott Hanselman calles 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows I downloaded and installed WinDirStat and used it recently to pinpoint why my disk was allways full. WinDirStat scans the entire harddisk … Continue reading

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Pocketcloud vnc setup

In my x-mas vacation I prepared all computers for online backup. (more on that will be posted) The problem with online backup is the initial upload of everything. That is wait – run up stairs – check progress – descent … Continue reading

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