Microsoft Azure RemoteApp preview

The day after my Microsoft RemoteApp preview post my subscription was activated for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. Things look a lot better now.

In the windows azure portal I now have access to the remoteapp tab, which is still in preview. I created a remoteapp with the supplied image “Microsoft office 2013 Professional Plus on Windows Server 2012 R2”. After the provisioning (it is a VM) we’re in business.

First the user access. Typed my username, the green check mark appeared and clicked save. A refresh in the Microsoft RemoteApp notified me of a new invitation.


Now I have gained access to OneNote, Outlook and Project. I did loose Paint in the process. Under RemoteApp Programs in the azure portal I can add other applications based on their location or from the start menu. (that is why Microsoft brought it back 😉 )


For the fun of it I added powershell. And it did work on my iPhone and Windows 8.1 laptop without problems. No administrative rights though.

Powershell on iPhone - whoami

Saved documents can be loaded from the documents folder. The sum function did work in Excel. No more lagging. Looks like Microsoft is on the right track.

The preview invitation gave me some rules to live by. Looks like I’ll be taking my iPhone with me on vacation.

The following terms apply for the preview service:

  • Microsoft is offering the Azure RemoteApp free during preview.
  • With your preview service, you are allowed to build two instances and 10 users for each instance.
  • Your Azure RemoteApp preview service will be cancelled if it is unused for 7 consecutive days.
  • You will be notified two business days prior to any action taken on your account.

Azure Team

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