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The mono port to iOS is monotouch. Or is it. The code is compiled to native Objective-C, not the Intermediate Language code that compiles at runtime. They call it Ahead of Time compiling. Because C# is now supported on iOS … Continue reading

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Onavo datashrink

I recently installed onavo for iPhone. My idea was that shrinking the data not only saves money, but also waiting times. Also the report about what consumes data and how much is handy. After the installation I started the program … Continue reading

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Microsoft Developer Days 2011 in The Hague – day 1

KeynoteThe days started with Arie talking us through the keynote.Scott talked about old programming languages, followed by the MVC and the concept of (Lego) blocks. How everything should be pluggable and fit together. Wade spoke of the Windows Azure Appfabric … Continue reading

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Read It Later Digest

Every now and then I browse the internet. Whenever I end up reading something interesting my attention is needed somewhere else. Then I press the read-it-later button and the site is saved for later reading. After some weeks of reading … Continue reading

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