Read It Later Digest

Every now and then I browse the internet. Whenever I end up reading something interesting my attention is needed somewhere else. Then I press the read-it-later button and the site is saved for later reading. After some weeks of reading things later my list was almost endless.
Read It Later is a sort of bookmarking site on which you can read the content of the bookmark. As the items are accessible over the internet you have it in sync everywhere. The whole syncing comes in handy when you have a multiboot Windows system for your work, a macbook for private browsing and an iPhone. The smartphone apps that come with it even syncs the content for offline reading.
You probably didn’t know that the twitter app has a read later option that supports Read It Later. This way I can save links that are in tweets for later reading.
The endless list problem is solved with Read It Later Digest. For a small fee your list is processed for you. No need to tag all your entries. All my items are presented in a nice overview. For more details see the movie below.

About erictummers

Working in a DevOps team is the best thing that happened to me. I like challenges and sharing the solutions with others. On my blog I’ll mostly post about my work, but expect an occasional home project, productivity tip and tooling review.
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