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Webdeploy connectionstrings to xTokenize

We have an asp.net webapplication (full framework) and deploy it using release manager. The bits are in an artifact that is created during build with the contents of the webdeploy zip and a powershell desired state configuration (dsc) script to … Continue reading

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Week 38 roundup

Last week recap and links: Powershell syntax in Sublime Text 2, the method is for Windows but also applies to Mac We used the build definition settings (TFS2015) to use a two digit month and dayOfTheMonth buildnumber. The key is … Continue reading

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SGEN during build and deploy

With sgen you can generate a XML Serializer assembly to ship with your application. This way the .NET framework can load the assembly in stead of generating a temporary type every time you need the XML Serializer. To generate the … Continue reading

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Tentacle register on new Azure instance

We use octopus deploy for managing our environments. This uses agents (called tentacles) on the machines it controls. To get the correct configuration on an Azure VM created from an image I use a sysprep script. The tentacle service can … Continue reading

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