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Workaround for excluding assemblies from code coverage in TFS2015 build

Our build server is TFS2015 and Microsoft promises that we can customize code coverage analysis. But with runsettings setup to exclude assemblies from code coverage exceptions fail the build. Not nice. Today we figured out how to work around this and exclude an … Continue reading

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Continuous deployment step by step

This is not a how-to blog post guiding you to DEVOPS heaven. I write down the steps we are taking to get continuous deployment in place for our project. Every time we take another step I’ll update this post. First of … Continue reading

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Week 38 roundup

Last week recap and links: Powershell syntax in Sublime Text 2, the method is for Windows but also applies to Mac We used the build definition settings (TFS2015) to use a two digit month and dayOfTheMonth buildnumber. The key is … Continue reading

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Allow only release build to be published

We have a WPF application that we distribute with click-once deployment. The update feature is exactly what we need for our product. Getting the new build from Development into Production is easy, just publish. The problem is that we only … Continue reading

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Match assemblies and PDB files

Part of our build process is to save the PDB files to a file share. This way we can debug the assemblies when needed. Without the correct PDB this is not possible, even with the sources available. Visual Studio matches … Continue reading

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TFS Express done right

In my previous post about TFS Express I installed it side-by-side with Visual Studio 2010. This gave me some compatibility issues when running unit tests with code coverage. To be able to demo some things offline I did needed a … Continue reading

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Windows 8 developer preview

Windows 8 is released as a preview version for developers. The post on Scott Hanselman‘s blog inspired me to download and install it. I started by creating the USB stick version of the image but ran into some trouble. After … Continue reading

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