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Version store out of memory

In our current project we use Sql Server Data Tools (sqlproj) to put our database in source control. Recently we experienced random exceptions during loading and building the solution with multiple sql projects. Last week our builds started to fail. … Continue reading

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Ignore integration tests when provider is missing

As an integration test I’ve written some unit tests for my MsAccess Data Access Layer. The provider I’m using is OleDb. It will be installed on every desktop machine, but not on our build server. The build fails because of … Continue reading

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SGEN during build and deploy

With sgen you can generate a XML Serializer assembly to ship with your application. This way the .NET framework can load the assembly in stead of generating a temporary type every time you need the XML Serializer. To generate the … Continue reading

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Power plan and Visual Studio builds

Our Visual Studio 2013 solution holds 283 projects. The build and load times are long. Reading some tips on the internet about speeding things up I found that the power plan of my laptop directly influences the build time. Operation … Continue reading

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MSBuild OutDir per project in solution

We use a dedicated project file for building our solution/projects. The automated build sometimes complains about failing unit tests due to incompatible assembly versions. By building every project to their own OutDir we solved the issue. MSBuild tasks Install the … Continue reading

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