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Hacking Silverlight part 3

This post should be called Hacking WCF as I will show some configuration hacks in WCF. Read part 2 here where I discussed the clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml files. The Csla WcfPortal I discovered in part 1 (here) is my next … Continue reading

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Hacking Silverlight part 2

My trip down hackers lane continues. Read part 1 here where I discovered the Csla WcfPortal is used. Before starting my “attack” I do some recon. Silverlight has a build-in security step that requests the clientaccesspolicy.xml file before allowing a … Continue reading

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WSDL in Mono

Mono can host WCF services and expose the WSDL. To get around the XmlSchema error: Named item http://your/contract/here was already contained in the schema object table you need to set MONO_STRICT_MS_COMPLIANT to ‘yes’. Here is how I managed to do … Continue reading

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