WSDL in Mono

Mono can host WCF services and expose the WSDL. To get around the XmlSchema error: Named item http://your/contract/here was already contained in the schema object table you need to set MONO_STRICT_MS_COMPLIANT to ‘yes’. Here is how I managed to do that.

if (Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("MONO_STRICT_MS_COMPLIANT") != "yes") 
    Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("MONO_STRICT_MS_COMPLIANT", "yes"); 

var host = new ServiceHost(typeof(Service), new Uri("http://localhost:999/Service.svc"));
host.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IService), new BasicHttpBinding(), string.Empty);
// add the MetadataBehavior to enable HttpGet
host.Description.Behaviors.Add(new ServiceMetadataBehavior { HttpGetEnabled = true });

Original post in Chinese is here

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