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Version store out of memory

In our current project we use Sql Server Data Tools (sqlproj) to put our database in source control. Recently we experienced random exceptions during loading and building the solution with multiple sql projects. Last week our builds started to fail. … Continue reading

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Be careful when using mocked repository

One of the software development best practices is to use interfaces and dependency injection. But be careful when using a mocked version of your repository. With FakeDbSet an InMemory IDbSet can be created for unit testing purposes. During setup you’d … Continue reading

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Github 2FA from Visual Studio 2013

Tried to sync some changes to my Trello repository on Github but got prompted for my credentials. I remembered activating two-factor authentication (2FA) just recent. Would I be prompted for the one-time-password (OTP)? No, a 401 unauthorized was the answer. … Continue reading

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Power plan and Visual Studio builds

Our Visual Studio 2013 solution holds 283 projects. The build and load times are long. Reading some tips on the internet about speeding things up I found that the power plan of my laptop directly influences the build time. Operation … Continue reading

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Remote debugger extension

The Server Explorer in Visual Studio holds a hidden gem: the debugger extension for Azure. This integration is documented on MSDN but I just recently found it. Integration makes it easier to debug in azure. Just enable debugging and attach … Continue reading

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