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Internet services that have a great free option

The internet has a lot of services. Most of them have a free or try-for-a-period option. After trying a service I decide about the paid options stay on the free tier or discard it. Below is a list of services … Continue reading

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Be careful when using mocked repository

One of the software development best practices is to use interfaces and dependency injection. But be careful when using a mocked version of your repository. With FakeDbSet an InMemory IDbSet can be created for unit testing purposes. During setup you’d … Continue reading

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CypherNet fork

Recently I was asked to help with a Proof-of-concept for graph databases. The database in question was neo4j and it uses cypher as the query language. Some say it is like SQL, some say it’s not even close. My part … Continue reading

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Static webpages with Jekyll

Next to this wordpress blog I have a blog about my running. I used to host this with postach.io from evernote, but that started to cost money. I moved to scriptogr.am that uses dropbox, but they quit the service. Now … Continue reading

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Github 2FA from Visual Studio 2013

Tried to sync some changes to my Trello repository on Github but got prompted for my credentials. I remembered activating two-factor authentication (2FA) just recent. Would I be prompted for the one-time-password (OTP)? No, a 401 unauthorized was the answer. … Continue reading

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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Docker in Azure with Docker Machine, Docker Swarm and Docker Compose. Good stuff. Behavior Driven Development at the CukeUp!2014. View the movies for the sessions. Unbelievable but github was under attack. They survived. Image courtesy … Continue reading

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Notebook FanControl custom use

A user called Grantig on computerbase.de created the tool Notebook FanControl. It is written in C# and uses WCF for communication with a backend service. Using JustDecompile and the information from the config I managed to build my own front-end. … Continue reading

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