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Code generation from Visual Studio UML class diagram

In the Ultimate edition of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft has put the Architecture feature. With this I can create Graphs, Layer and UML diagrams. The feature is readonly in the Premium edition, but I’m not sure it can generate code … Continue reading

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Executing Unittests in parallel

My machine has a multi core processor, but my unittests only run one at a time. In Visual Studio 2010 the option to use more than one core and run unittests in parallel is there, but well hidden in the … Continue reading

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Target Mono from Visual Studio

Targetting Mono in Visual Studio is possible. This way your assemblies are build using the Mono framework (which should be .NET compatible). Change the target to the Mono profile to get immediate feedback of incompatible references and other Mono things. … Continue reading

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VS2010 Dependency Graph gotchas

We need to refactor a solution with 200+ projects in Visual Studio 2010. The solution must be split into a runtime and a design solution. As we have the Ultimate edition, the Architecture features will be used. With the Dependency … Continue reading

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VS2010 not responding solved with Resource Monitor

My Visual Studio 2010 randomly stopped responding. In my frustration I never looked further than the first tab of the Task Manager to end the task. Until I read a post about the Resource monitor in Windows. What is this … Continue reading

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