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Structuremap interferes with nServicebus EndpointName configuration

When creating a nServiceBus host with an EndpointName in the configuration be warned for this structuremap interference. See the repro code below of a bug we recently fixed. The messages and handlers are left out of the sample for simplicity. … Continue reading

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nServiceBus message versions

Our integration project was going well until we actually integrated with other parties. Our tests passed, their tests passed, but integration failed. After inspecting both implementations I noticed a difference in version of the messages assembly. ( vs In … Continue reading

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Why you should TDD

In a recent code review I noticed a bug that was undetected by the unit tests. Read: all tests passed, but the code was wrong. When asked the developer confessed the unit tests were created after the code was created. … Continue reading

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Cannot enlist the Transaction

On an initial load of 60000+ files our nServiceBus handler threw an exception NServiceBus.Unicast.Queuing.FailedToSendMessageException: Failed to send message to address: queue@machine —> System.Messaging.MessageQueueException: Cannot enlist the transaction. Repro No repro – no issue. Sleeping for 61 seconds caused the same … Continue reading

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Chocolatey on Azure provision

A recent update on the Windows Azure platform enables you to run a custom powershell script when creating a new Virtual Machine. It can be configured on the last step of the Wizard. This is where chocolatey can do it’s … Continue reading

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