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Introducing a new member to the team is always a good thing. This brings up problems that would stay under the radar otherwise. Our new tester experienced an application crash that we’ve never seen before. Using the remote debugger we … Continue reading

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Repro metabase COM Exceptions

Our project uses IIS to host custom web applications. We received an issue: when creating a web application some COM Exception is logged. To reproduce the issue we created a console application that connects to IIS metabase. The Find method … Continue reading

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After setting my Default Processor Architecture to x64 in Visual Studio 2013 I started getting System.AccessViolationException’s. Notice the “this is often an indication that other memory is corrupt”. After exploring the exception. The root cause revealed itself. Visual Studio crashed … Continue reading

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Mono.Data.Sqlite and filelocks

While porting my projects to Mono I noticed some file locking on databases. There were no problems with the dotNET code. Seems like a difference in behavior between the two frameworks. A simple query to a Sqlite database would look … Continue reading

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