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Week roundup

Last week recap and links: Web Deployment Package with parameters.xml, use parameters.xml to customize web deploy Creating Charts in Excel 2013 That Show Trends, clever use of data types to create charts for date/time sequence Microsoft’s Windows 10 hardware event … Continue reading

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Excel conditional formatting calendar

Excel has some magic formatting options. With conditional formatting I’ve created my own little calendar with highlighted current day / month / date. Full sample for download below this post. The screenshot is from March 16, but you’ve already seen … Continue reading

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Get Spreadsheetlight working

Spreadsheetlight is a dotnet library for creating Excel documents with all it’s wonderful features. The Spreadsheetlight nuget has no dependencies on nuget packages, but does have a dependency on Open XML SDK 2.0. This can be installed with the DocumentFormat.OpenXml … Continue reading

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Week 19 roundup

Last week recap an links: Mindmap meets Evernote with Mohiomap. Nice visual of your Evernote and/or DropBox content. Windows Azure has a new Portal. Check it out. Used Spreadsheet Inquire to view changes between versions of an Excel file. Installed … Continue reading

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