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iCloud backup settings

We have a number of iDevices in our household. All devices are linked to the same iCloud account for sharing apps, music and photo’s. The free 5 Gb storage is slowly running out. I could pay for more space but … Continue reading

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Azurewebsites backup with webjobs

We have some low traffic websites hosted in azure. Backups are important to us, but only available on the Standard web hosting plan. So we created a webjob to do it. Following Eduardo Laureano‘s post the plumbing was soon done. … Continue reading

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Backup WordPress to Evernote

Since starting my blog here at WordPress in 2010 I’ve done over 100 posts. Recently I decided it was time to backup this extension of my brain to Evernote. (an elephant never forgets) But there is no feature in wordpress.com … Continue reading

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The hard disk of my laptop died on me last week. Since I’ve ordered a new machine (see previous post) I wanted my system up-and-running without too much effort. An old disk fixed the hardware issue, now the software recovery. … Continue reading

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Time Capsule Archive

My Time Capsule disk died on me recently after upgrading to a bigger one. Luckily my MacBook did not do the same so I could revert back to my old disk and start over with an initial backup. This got … Continue reading

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