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VS2017 Live unit testing in Parallels Desktop VM

TLDR; change the project location on disk from shared mac (my documents) to local windows (c:-drive) to prevent Live unittesting from crashing Live unit testing has been introduced in 2016 (visual studio blog) and got my attention recently by a … Continue reading

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Microsoft Fakes misbehave on buildserver

We use Microsoft Fakes to isolate some legacy code. Today I added some tests that passed on my machine, but failed on the buildserver. ūüė¶ After reading this stackoverflow post I added the and the builds became green again ūüėČ

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Common.Logging – generic developer logging

Image courtesy of Ales Krivec / unsplash.com https://www.nuget.org/packages/Common.Logging/ Common.logging provides an abstraction for the logging framework of choice.¬†For IoC the common.logging offers an interface.¬†NoOpLogger is a fake implementation used for¬†unit testing. I prefer to use the nuget from log4net with … Continue reading

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Unity – IoC container

Image courtesy of Tim Gouw / unsplash.com https://www.nuget.org/packages/Unity/ Dependency¬†Inversion¬†is one of the SOLID principles. An IoC container is a must for me when developing. Unity is my goto framework for the last year. I prefer Unity for it’s¬†lifetime¬†control options. Do … Continue reading

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Effort: Unhandled exception while trying to initialize the content of Table

We use¬†Effort¬†with the CsvDataLoader¬†in our integration tests. After¬†adding a new data file we got an exception. On¬†the forum every thread ended with something like “my bad” or “never mind”. Looking closer to my csv file showed the error: a typo … Continue reading

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