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Vote for Sofie

Using BrowserStack automated (selenium) testing and Azure Webjobs I automatically voted on a website that didn’t allow multiple votes from the same IP Address. This post describes how I did it. Continue reading

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Browserstack screenshot followup

I asked browserstack for a reaction on the timeout in my Browserstack first look post. They upgraded my account to include the Defer Time option for free, but no candy. We use Selenium to automatically capture the screenshots. It seems … Continue reading

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Browserstack first look

Browserstack offers a free trial. Signup through modern.ie for an extended 3 months trial. I’ve tried it and found it very useful. The features are highlighted in this post. Live Type the public url and choose the platform and browser. … Continue reading

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Run Selenium from visualstudio.com

You can host your project in Visualstudio.com and still run selenium tests in the build. The hosted build controller does not support it (details) and cannot be adjusted. Why not create your own Build Controller in Azure VM? Here is … Continue reading

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My Maintainable Automated UI Tests

Original post By Mehdi Khalili on 9 Oct 2013 hereI just modified it to best suit my needs. Mehdi Khalili uses Selenium webdriver to do an automated UI test. The key of the post is to see the test code … Continue reading

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