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Week roundup

Last week recap an links: Good overview of bootstrap on getbootstrap.com. What is bootstrap? It makes websites look good on all devices. The best free .NET decompilers – the .NET Reflector alternatives gives some alternatives to Reflector. I’ve downloaded JustDecomple … Continue reading

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Windows Azure SDK 1.6 update

Today I updated Windows Azure SDK to the latest 1.6 from November 2011. The update was from SDK 1.4 which I uninstalled before installing 1.6. After the update my unittests failed. Short solution below. Commandline to set environment variable: Regedit … Continue reading

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Hacking Silverlight

Someone asked me to hack his Silverlight portal. The goal was to test the security and to give some recommondations for future projects. This is part one of my trip down hackers lane. As a Microsoft developer I know Silverlight … Continue reading

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<clear></clear> is not the same as <clear/>

In the dotNET configuration files you can add items to a collection like appSettings with Because this is XML you can also use the following line to add an item: But not the same for clearing the list. Try adding … Continue reading

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Implement abstract class not possible

For my unittests I want to use Moles to run the tests outside the Windows Azure development factory. By making a mole assembly for Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime I would be on my way. But I’m getting strange error messages: there is no … Continue reading

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