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Outlook 2016 for Mac spellcheck default language

The spellcheck in Outlook 2016 for Mac was driving me nuts for some time now. Most e-mails I write are in Dutch and the spellcheck defaults to English (UK). My daughter concluded “a lot of squiggly red lines” on my … Continue reading

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Skype for business mac preview

We’ve been using Lync for some time on Windows and Mac. Microsoft has moved on with Skype for business on the Windows platform. Now a preview for the Mac is available and I decided to sign up for the preview … Continue reading

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Lync for mac crash

After working for several months Lync for mac kept crashing on startup. No warning, no provocation, no survivors. The only way to stop the endless reporting is to uncheck the “restart Microsoft Lync” box. Upon further investigation I noticed a … Continue reading

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Automate downloads folder structuring

My downloads folder is finally structured. For this I used the Folder Action in Automator. This is a workflow that triggers when a new file is added to a certain folder. The automator in Mac OS X provides a drag-and-drop … Continue reading

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Password issues on mac

Our company enforces the use of complex passwords. They must contain letters, numbers and symbols, have a minimal length and differ from the last x passwords. My password is no exception. But when I log-in from my mac I always … Continue reading

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Week 46 roundup

Last week recap and links: Scott Hanselman posted about the .NET 2015 releases. Mac and Linux, open source and visual studio community Browser stack was hacked. They write about what happend on their site. Net neutrality? Oatmeal replies to Ted … Continue reading

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Disable viewstate on IIS 7.5

Remove the viewstate with javascript to allow post to other page without viewstate in IIS 7.5. This avoids the “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” exception. Continue reading

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