Logging from Automapper

We’ve been using automapper to convert objects for some time. Now I have the need for logging to help bugtracking. Below a short list of sources how we set this up.

// ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) stuff

services.AddTransient(serviceprovider => {
   var cfg = serviceprovider.GetService<MapperConfiguration>();
   // inject the serviceprovider so everything is available
   // and the ILogger is too
   return cfg.CreateMapper(serviceprovider.GetService);
// AutomapperConfiguration stuff

// old automapper
/* Func<ResolutionContext, ILogger> createLogger = (c) =>
   c.Mapper.ServiceCtor.Invoke(typeof(ILogger)) as ILogger; */

// new automapper 
Func<ResolutionContext, ILogger> createLogger = (c) =>
   c.Options.ServiceCtor.Invoke(typeof(ILogger)) as ILogger;

config.CreateMap<ObjectA, ObjectB>()
      .ConvertUsing((s, d, c) => {
         // important stuff removed ....
         var logger = createLogger(c);
         logger.LogWarning("Something happend");

And now you’ll need a serviceprovider when unittesting. Thank you AutoMoqCore.

var automoqer = new AutoMoqer();
var configuration = automoqer.Create<AutomapperConfiguration>();
var mapper = configuration.CreateMapper(automoqer.Create);
// now test the mapping configuration with the mapper instance

We managed to find the bugs and fixed them. We’ll be using this logging solution with automapper from now on.

[edited 11 nov 2020] new automapper has the ServiceCtor in the context Options no longer in the context Mapper, code sample edited

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