TFS tips #2 – CodedUI with testagent

💡 This post is part of my TFS tips where I write about how we make the most of TFS (on premise)

During release in our CI/CD we want some codedUI tests to run. In TFS we have the “Visual Studio Test Agent Deployment” and “Run Functional Tests” steps but some extra work is needed to get the tests running every time.


Since we use the same dedicated machine for every codedUI test the setup is done manual. There are two things that need to be configured:

  1. screensaver timeout, make sure it is long enough (10 min+) or disabled
  2. autologon (sysinternals), provide the credentials and after every reboot this user is automatically logged in.


The first step in the release definition will reboot the codedUI machine. Then the artifacts are deployed to the first environment (during which the codedUI machine is rebooting) When it is time to start testing the codedUI machine is done booting and the autologon makes sure it is able to interact.

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