Recover lost photos (again)

I’ve written about photo recovery before. Last vacation I had to open this box of tricks again to get the pictures back from a delete all operation.

My first attempt was with photorec as described in my post. But that failed to recover any photo.

The next tools I tried all offered free trails but required up to $99 for actual recovery. My 9 pictures are valuable but not this much.

Since I’m on a Mac now I used the tools that are available:

  1. [terminal] diskutil list
    , as described here to find the device to create an image from
  2. [terminal] dd if=/dev/disk2 of=camera.img conv=noerror
    , create the image from the device as described here
  3. Parallels with Windows 8.1, since the free tools are all on Windows …
  4. osfmount to mount the image from step 2 in Windows
  5. Now recover the pictures with recuva


About erictummers

Working in a DevOps team is the best thing that happened to me. I like challenges and sharing the solutions with others. On my blog I’ll mostly post about my work, but expect an occasional home project, productivity tip and tooling review.
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