Nuget by hand

nuget logoOur project needs to handle messages from other project(s). These messages are copied across source control. This makes a mess of versioning. We offered to make a Nuget and distribute this from our company feed.

Nuget has written documentation about packaging a project. Waiting for the tools we decided to do a dry-run by creating the Nuget by hand.

How to create a Nuget

First step is to create a nuspec file. This can be done by writing (notepad) it or by generating it with nuget spec. We removed the licenseUrl and projectUrl but provided a iconUrl just for the fun of it.

Next is creating the Nuget file. Using nuget pack projectfile.csproj we packaged the assembly. The resulting Nuget file is copied to a fileshare. In the nuget.config generated while activating nuget restore we provide the fileshare as a nuget source.

The project is build using the Nuget from the fileshare.

What’s next

When the tools arrive a “real” Nuget will be created and published to our company feed. Then we update our nuget.config to exclude the fileshare as a nuget source. The buildserver will then use the “real” Nuget. Bob’s you uncle.


Creating and Publishing a Package on
Nuget package template by
Nuget Package Explorer on

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