Synology DSM 5.0

The new Disk Station Manager 5.0 from Synology was released in March. My DS212J was still happy running 4.3. Then came Heartbleed and forced me to act.


Because my synology was supported by DSM 5.0 there would not be a patch soon. The upgrade would cover that. But I was afraid the upgrade would go wrong and all my data would be lost. I removed the DMZ and my DS212J was available only from my home network. 😦

Who wants a polished new GUI on a NAS anyway?

Actually DSM 5.0 was more than just a GUI polish.

The interface was touch and high resolution friendly. My wife only uses an iPad. This will be handy.

Also the CloudSync software caught my attention. I could make backups from DropBox that extend the 30 days included in the free version.

The applications installed can be auto updated to the latest version now. Someone has been paying attention to Apple and iOS6?

What about that Text editor? I’ve not used it, but it’s nice that it’s there when I need it.

Notifications are now available for more events, like New DSM update ready.


Painless upgrade

The upgrade was as easy as always. In control panel > DSM update just click Update Now. After the update follow the QuickConnect wizard (or skip it) and immediately go into control panel > Update & Restore > DSM update to install the latest patch.

I did had some trouble after updating all applications. The third party DDNS updater showed the php code, not the GUI. Clearing the browser cache of my laptop fixed that.

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