Remove package from octopusdeploy built-in nuget

octopusdeployOctopusdeploy has an built-in nuget feed as of version 2.1. This nuget feed is based on Nuget.Lucene. It is read-only and not usable from visual studio or other tools. A nuget delete will fail with “Not found” every time.


During the setup and testing of octopusdeploy I created and pushed some packages I no longer need and have never used in a release. They are considered collateral damage and stay there forever, cluttering my beautiful feed.

There is no way (I know of) to delete a package using the official way.

The unofficial way of removing a package is to (remote desktop) login to your octopusdeploy server and locate the packages folder. In a default installation ( next-next-finish 😉 ) this is C:\Octopus\OctopusServer\Repository\Packages. Remove whatever packages / folders you no longer want.

Since the information is not immediate synchronized with the index, the packages still end up in the search results. The next push of a package solves that. Your feed is now a little less cluttered.

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