Choose Your Own

My boss lets me choose my own device to work with. Given a budget, some basic rules, two default configurations and this employee is happy. But now the hard part: what do I choose?

Most of the time I’m using Visual Studio to program and test a solution of 200+ projects. An SSD would be nice. Also some extra cores and an overload of memory are on my list. But as always in life I need to prioritize or my budget will be insufficient. I narrowed the list down to two devices:

  1. HP Folio the ultrabook with solid state drive or
  2. HP 6560b HP Probook 6570b a workhorse like the one I’ve been working with the last 3 years

Here is a table with the most interesting specs compared

HP Folio Hp 6560b HP Probook 6570b
Processor Core I5 2467M 1.60 GHz Core I5 2540M 3320M 2.60 GHz
Memory 4 Gb 8 Gb
Disk 128 Gb SSD 320 Gb 7200 rpm
Screen 13.3 inch (1366 x 768) 15.6 inch (1600 x 900)
Video Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 4000
AMD Radeon HD 7570M

The reviews on (Folio, 6560b No review for 6570b yet) showed the Folio wins the PCMark but the 3D stuff is (almost certain) for the 6560b 6570b.

My google searches all pointed to the fact that compiling is mostly about processor than it is about the disk. The best choice of the two would be the 6560b 6570b, but why go the logical road? to be continued …

[edit August 27, 2012]
HP Probook 6560b replaced with 6570b model in CYO. Better CPU and Video. I’ll expect same or better performance.
Also thinking about putting a 128Gb SSD in the probook.

About erictummers

Working in a DevOps team is the best thing that happened to me. I like challenges and sharing the solutions with others. On my blog I’ll mostly post about my work, but expect an occasional home project, productivity tip and tooling review.
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4 Responses to Choose Your Own

  1. Steve says:

    Geen MacBook Air?

  2. erictummers says:

    Don’t mix business with pleasure 😉

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