Upload progress in WCF

Uploading a file in WCF is done via a stream that is send to the service in a message. The service then reads the stream to the end and writes everything to disk or memory or whatever. Now I want to report the progress of this file upload to my user. Here is how it’s done: create your own stream implementation and report progress from the Read method. Origional idea is here

// report progress of the stream read with event ProgressChanged
public class StreamWithProgress : System.IO.Stream
   private readonly System.IO.FileStream file;
   private readonly long length;
   private long bytesRead;

   public event EventHandler<decimal> ProgressChanged;

   public StreamWithProgress(System.IO.FileStream file)
      this.file = file;
      length = file.Length;
      bytesRead = 0;
      if (ProgressChanged != null) ProgressChanged(this, 0));

   public override int Read(byte[] buffer, int offset, int count)
       int result = file.Read(buffer, offset, count);
       bytesRead += result;
       // report percentage read
       if (ProgressChanged != null) ProgressChanged(this, 100*bytesRead/length));
       //System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(10); // for simulating slow connection
       return result;

   // other stuff you want, like overrides that throw NotImplementedException
// usage snippet
using (var stream = System.IO.File.OpenRead(fileName))
   using (var progressStream = new StreamWithProgress(stream))
      progressStream.ProgressChanged += new EventHandler<decimal>(UploadProgressChanged);
      var msg = new MessageWithStream(progressStream);
      using (var proxy = CreateAndOpenProxy(Server, Username, Password))

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