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Executing Unittests in parallel

My machine has a multi core processor, but my unittests only run one at a time. In Visual Studio 2010 the option to use more than one core and run unittests in parallel is there, but well hidden in the … Continue reading

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VS2010 not responding solved with Resource Monitor

My Visual Studio 2010 randomly stopped responding. In my frustration I never looked further than the first tab of the Task Manager to end the task. Until I read a post about the Resource monitor in Windows. What is this … Continue reading

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Use your own performance counters

Create and use your own performance counters to see how you program is doing in performancetests, stresstests, production, … First register the performance counters. This is done with a PerformanceCounterCategory that contains the CounterCreationData objects for the performance counters. Be … Continue reading

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Expose WSDL

Working with my java colleagues I came to love SOAPUI for testing services. Now Microsoft seems to have catched up with the WCF Test Client. A blog post of dotNET colleague Rick van den Bosch made me search for it … Continue reading

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Move MSOCache

Microsoft Office 2010 has a cache folder so you don’t need the media anymore after the installation. Very handy. Problem is it is 1.26Gb and I want to reclaim the space on mij C-drive. A solution is posted here but … Continue reading

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